Description du projet

Two bedroom ceramic bungalow with one bedroom

catalogue number: 93


Project description

Prefabricated ceramic bungalow No.93 with built-up area over 90m² is suitable for an individual or a couple, who need one bedroom in the house but also like more space. The house has a wardrobe and utility room. You will appreciate the spacious corridor when working in the yard, as well as its storage space right at the entrance. Bungalow No.93 is now available in stock at a discount of up to 50%!

  • Built-up area: 91.20 m²
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Separate toilet: no
  • Separate kitchen: no
  • Terrace: not included
  • Floor area:
    75.91 m²
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Garage: no
  • The projects can be adapted to your specifications – Contact us!

Floor plan of one bedroom bungalow

  1. Hall: 11.97 m²
  2. Wardrobe: 2.64 m²
  3. Stock: 2.40 m²
  4. Chamber: 3.20 m²
  1. Bedroom: 15.90 m²
  2. Bathroom: 6.13 m²
  3. Kitchen: 7.03 m²
  4. Living room: 26.64 m²

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Three types of construction and financing – Explore your financial opportunities

1st stage of construction

Bare house exterior and interior.

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Price: 12.130,-€


2nd stage of construction

Turnkey exterior and interior as a barehouse.

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Price: 26.320,-€


3rd stage of construction

Turnkey house.

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Price: 42.335,-€


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