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Three-bedroom family house with large chamber

catalogue number: 37

Three-bedroom family house with large chamber - No.37

Project description

Project of a larger three-bedroom family house where there is no shortage of space. In the assembled eco-friendly bungalow no.37 you will find a wide corridor that leads to a generous living room, a custom kitchen with a pantry where there is no shortage of storage space, a spacious bathroom and three large bedrooms. In the project of the house, there are possible layouts, and so everyone can customize the floor plan according to their ideas.

  • Built-up area: 130.00 m²
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Separate toilet: yes
  • Separate: kitchen
  • Terrace: not included
  • Floor area:
    113.88 m²
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Garage: no
  • The projects can be adapted to your specifications – Contact us!

Floor plan of the bungalow with a large chamber

  1. Hall: 2.52 m²
  2. Hallway: 9.68 m²
  3. Room: 12.47 m²
  4. Room: 12.47 m²
  5. Room: 13.20 m²

6.WC: 1.66 m²
7.Chamber: 11.32 m²
8.Chamber: 3.80 m²
9.Living room: 46.76 m²

Trojspálňový rodinný dom s veľkou komorou - č.37-pôdorys

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Three types of construction and financing – Explore your financial opportunities

1st stage of construction

Bare house exterior and interior.

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Price: 41.496,-€


2nd stage of construction

Turnkey exterior and interior as a barehouse.

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Price: 61.620,-€


3rd stage of construction

Turnkey house.

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Price: 84.864,-€


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