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Entreprise unique d’Europe centrale produisant des produits préfabriqués en céramique légere conformément à la norme STN1520.

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La technologie des maisons en céramique permet d’avancer la vitesse de la construction du bâtiment à un nouveau niveau. Nous allons construire la maison dans les 3 jours. Dès la signature du contrat, vous pouvez avoir une maison en céramique dans un délai de 4 semaines.

Low cost of construction


Grâce à la production et à la construction rapides, nous pouvons réduire au minimum le prix d’une maison en céramique. Une construction brutepeut vous être accessible à partir € de 25 000 €. Rates are available in our catalogue

High variability of construction


Le projet de la maison sera fait sur mesure. Nous pouvons également personnaliser les projets de maisons de notre catalogue en fonction de vos souhaits. Et si vous avez votre propre projet, cela ne posera pas de problème non plus.

ecological housing


La technologie des maisons céramiques apporte de nombreux avantages environnementaux.Ellel convient également aux personnes souffrant d’allergies. Elle est convivial non seulement pour vous mais aussi pour l’environnement.

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Do you want to build a house?

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Ceramic prefabricated houses

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What material are the walls of the ceramic house made of?

The walls are prefabricated and their material composition consists of four components that make up a ceramic composite.

Prefabricated ceramic houses are made entirely of natural materials. Their lifetime is indefinitely as with brick. Equally, the quality parameters (vapor permeability, sound and thermal insulation) are comparable, but thanks to the technology of whole wall production with built-in network pre-treatment, you still get the benefits of prefabricated house construction. You can live in a new family home in record time without any chemical and undesirable biological effects on the health of your entire family.

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Material of ceramic walls
Material of ceramic walls



How are the walls of a ceramic house made?

Our ceramic component manufacturing technology allows you to flexibly respond to investor requirements and build any ceramic house. It guarantees fast production and even faster assembly of a house that meets all the requirements of a healthy and modern living.
Prefabricated ceramic houses, ecological, composed entirely of natural materials. With unlimited lifetime. Excellent material properties. Incredibly fast construction. Low purchase price.

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Manufacture of ceramic walls
Manufacture of ceramic walls



How to install the walls of a ceramic house?

Prefabricated ceramic houses are the fastest construction option.

Installation of an ecological house made of prefabricated ceramic walls takes a few hours depending on the built-up area. Thanks to the built-in pre-preparation for water and electricity distribution in the walls, subsequent finishing is faster and easier. No demolition, chopping or retrofitting. According to the project documentation we will make the walls made-to-measure, even with pre-preparation for other required equipment such as recuperation, pumps, etc. External walls are made with basic thermal insulation and to finish the interior walls is sufficient squeegee, without the need to apply plaster and mesh.

installation of ceramic houses
installation of ceramic houses